This is the Best Time to Recruit and Build Your Talent Pipeline

As the busy owner of a startup, recruiting may be a task that sits on your desk for weeks. But, with what’s going on in the world right now, you might find you have additional free time to get to your to-do list and recruit new team members.

Hiring the right employees for your business is key to your success and continued growth. And, because you have some extra time on your hands, it’s a great time to focus on your startup’s recruitment efforts.

This is the best time to recruit a pipeline of workers that’s ready to go when the COVID-19 pandemic is behind us. Let’s look at some of the reasons why.

You Want to Recruit and Have Candidates Ready to Go

One really important reason to continue your recruiting efforts is so your business is ready to scale up quickly when the pandemic is over.

The most successful businesses never stop recruiting. They always have a pipeline of talent they can pull from.

For example, that exceptional person you met at the last networking meeting you went to is a good person to have on your pipeline. Now is the time to recruit them and give them a call. Additionally, it’s the perfect time to look for new candidates.

This is the exact moment to spend quality time recruiting and interviewing so when you are ready to hire and get back to work you are ready to do so.

You Have Extra Time to Recruit

Even if you are still working as an essential business, you probably have a bit more free time to recruit. And, if you’re a startup owner working from home or on a hiatus, you definitely have some extra time.

You know the recruiting and interviewing process takes a lot of time. With most startup owner’s busy schedules, it can fall by the wayside.

Because you now find yourself with some extra time (just think of that extra hour and a half you have by skipping your commute), you’ll find yourself with the opportunity to carefully, slowly, and diligently recruit and look for a new pipeline of workers.

This is also your chance to hire with your mission, values, and company culture at the forefront. With the extra time, you can work to find the right employees who’ll align with your company culture and fit seamlessly into your team.

You Can Take Your Time to Recruit and Craft Job Descriptions

With that extra space in your daily schedule to recruit, your first task is to craft the perfect job description. This first starts with some thought to your mission and values. Next, you want to think about what you really need.

Consider what attributes, experience, and skills will best serve your startup as you recruit. Think long-term and short-term strategies.

It’s also important to think about the job in terms of your entire startup. How will the person in this job work with others in your company? What does the mobility of the position look like?

You now have the chance to really home in on your company culture and values as you craft the job description and recruit. You also have the ability to step back and look at your company as a whole and see what the missing component is.

It may be that you now have the transparency to see the missing team member that can propel your startup into a major growth phase.

By considering these things, this can also help you decide if you need to recruit someone with growth potential, or if you just need to recruit a worker to support your management team.

Finally, today’s worker is looking for a job with meaning. They want a job with personal growth potential, and they want a position they can feel good about. They especially want to align themselves with your mission and values.

These are vital things you want to convey in your job description and through the interviewing process.

Interviewing is Easier Now

Another reason it’s the best time to recruit workers is because it’s never been easier or more cost effective.

You can recruit and conduct the interview process through Zoom video calls or other virtual meeting software. This is quite budget friendly because you don’t have to fly candidates in to meet with you and your team.

It’s also easier to recruit and schedule your interviews because most of your candidates are either off work at working from home. There are no complicated schedules to work around when it comes to the interviewee or your interview team.

Be Ready to Go When This is Over

Because you want to be ready to start working with earnest once the pandemic is over, you want to get your pipeline in order now.

This is the best way for your startup to finish Q3 and Q4 strong. By having the best, most qualified talent in place now, you can reach your revenue and productivity goals.

Get Training Done Now

Onboarding is the most important task you can do when employing a new team member. Yet, many companies drastically underestimate the importance of onboarding.

Studies show that 22% of companies don’t have an on-boarding program, and less than 50% have a formal program.

If you fall into one of these categories, you can create a successful onboarding program for your new pipeline of workers with your extra time. By creating a solid onboarding program, your employees will be more productive, feel part of your company culture, have good morale, be less stressed, and feel more connected to your startup as a whole.

A strong onboarding program also reduces your employee turnover and increases your retention and productivity rates.

As an added bonus, you can see that by hiring now, your new team members can complete your revamped training program now. Their ramp up period will be done, and they will be ready to hit the ground running when everything is back to normal after the threat of the pandemic is gone.

Final Thoughts

Hiring the right team is the best strategy for your startup’s success. To recruit a good employee, you really have to think about your needs, your processes, your culture, your job descriptions, and your hiring process.

This takes a lot. For many startup owners, even now, they find they are too busy. Does this sound like you?

If so, we are here for you at Carbon 3 Recruiting. Use this time to leverage your time and the power of outsourcing to maximize your ability to drive profitability. We are your outsourced recruitment team with a unique approach who can help you recruit the perfect team to scale your startup successfully.




I am a sponge for life. I recruit for established startups. Serial Entrepreneur. Podcaster.

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Brooke Dunwell

Brooke Dunwell

I am a sponge for life. I recruit for established startups. Serial Entrepreneur. Podcaster.

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